cat nip

Omar Yasseen

Did you know that catnip means you can stress your cat? Two thirds of the population Feline has an inherited, which is responsible for the production of catnip classic Feline response.

“Pot” ‘ is the result of the impact of volatile oil in the stems and leaves contain chemical Nepetalactone. This seems to be the cat, in order to minimize chemical inhibition. This creates a feeling of euphoria that can take about 15 minutes. Nevertheless, it is very safe for cats, not side-reactions with Kitty and not at all addictive. Kitty, although water scarcity can cause cats to this.

The catnip effect

When the ukierunkowującej cat comes into contact with catnip, the ship will sniff it, lick it, roll in it, bite it and rub the head and chin against it many times, growling or purring, meowing or even leaping about many of these movements which which imitate those that are visible when the cat is in heat, leading to a theory that catnip is female aphrodisiac cats.However, the fact that the male and female cats react the same way that catnip cast doubt on this.

From kitten behavior problems improve

1. catnip is very good for relieving stress and tension. This is a very useful tool when dealing with stressful situations, you should see your cat in. an example of this would take your cat in the car with you, moving house, or maybe the company in House that can be discouraging your Kitty sites (like small children if your pet is unused jim) catnip helps in every situation where your cat uneasy lies.

2. Catnip can be used to help a very timid or frightened cat will be more secure. You can bring home a new Cat heaven or might have been spared the fear of cat rescue shelters, catnip is almost always will help them to respond in a more positive and friendly. It would be easier to get them to play with You, which is a good start to make them feel at home with You and less tense.

3. If you are trying to encourage a cat to play more and be more active (probably after illness) try some games contain a catnip. Cat games that contain fresh catnip is more effective than those that have been around for a while. Hairstyle of catnip, most of the reaction.omar yasseen

4. If you have more than one cat in your home to take care not to introduce catnip for them all at the same time. Some men may tend to overcome the dominant line of friendly game, aggression while under the influence of catnip.You can keep them separated, assess the effects of catnip on every possible avoid clashes. If they respond in a friendly way, then all play together with catnip. omar yasseen

In conclusion, it is certainly the overuse or ultimately reduces the catnip effects your immune system is kitty. Catnip is easy to grow, so use fresh catnip catnip toys, as much as possible. Though after the game lost its smell catnip on cats still catnip, play them, but more than habit. Catnip is a Herb that is safe, and other dependence on both wild and domesticated cats.omar yasseen
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