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Cat breeding cycle is very important to understand. Such trends have a pet is gaining in popularity, people who look at it from a business perspective. So it is important to omar yasseen understand that information from the basics.

First of all keep in mind that breeding is not a kitten for enjoyment. Sake kitten should be healthy, so take care of my cat is very important that Queen cats with caution so much during the period of pregnancy care cat of her nutrition. Cats send her. Delivery postal administration kitten is equally important, only you will be in a position to find a good home for kittens.

Cat breed cycle

When ready to mate, a female cat is commonly said that the female cat is heat. At this point you notice that these behavioral changes, yell loud cries attract men. Cats lower and track with shortened legs. Cats spray too.

Now the next indication is the breeding omar yasseen cycle rubbing female against furniture or you. It solves the rear part of the body in the air and generates appealing noise.

Some noticeable physical changes are perceived as being outside of the sexual organ is swollen and some secretions is discharged through it.

It was noted that outdoor cats of mating cycle omar yasseen twice in the year, autumn and early spring. If there are indoor cats, mating season notes every few weeks throughout the year unless and until they are reared. You will find no one this really quite amazing. The reason behind this is that the temperature at home more or less the same throughout the year and artificial light may be similar to the Sun in spring and summer.

If the cat mating is too frequent, affects the health of up to a large extent as a cat to eat in those days and become considerably weak.

If the cat already has kittens bred immediately. If you don’t want your Queen cat is pregnant at some point, you have to retain it.

As far as the male cat is concerned, it is not recommended to use a pet cat for marriage. Because they tend to resist and spray. If you still want bread omar yasseen cat with the Queen’s pets, then a neutral smell so strong cat urine is reduced.Always remember one thing not to proliferate unless and until you yourself fit and strong with the ultimate animal breeding characteristics.

Cat breeding age factor

Very important that the cat Queen attains her adult size before breeding. If you do not have all the power into her feeding kittens and her growth is hampered the age required for breeding as her age 18-24 months in the case of cat, male or female, age over for breeding should be 18 months.

Medical examinations prior breeding

Cat pregnancy is very important looks like disorder of genetic parents, transferred to the springs. So it is recommended to perform the check for vaccinations, internal parasites. They should be free from ear mites, worms and fleas. Both male and female cat should be tested for genetically inherited conditions such as poly cystic kidney disease, hip dysplasia, heart problems, etc.

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