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Training a cat to use it easily, because using the litter box resembles that of a cat to urinate in the wild. Wild cats are typically purchased predators and they try to hide the smell of urine, in order to hide their location. They do this by covering the urine with sand and mud.

Cats are normally trained to use this great product after the first stepped into the field, because the find field is a great TOILET allows you to hide your urine and then in the content.

After training, the cat will continue using the litter box. Some exceptional circumstances or medical problem may interfere with this habit.

Training your cat to use a litter box – useful tips

Normally no special training is required, but cats are different. One cat can begin to use the litter box immediately, while others might need a little more time and attention. The following are some training tips that might be useful.

Choose a cat litter box with the correct size. Cat owners should know that litter box should be greater, so that the cat will fit in it and who know.

• The location of the cat litter box is of great importance, too. The box should not be located in a place with high traffic because the cat need privacy. In addition, the sandbox is not something you would like to look all the time.

• During training to remove elements that your cat may decide to use as a sand box. For example, domestic cats are very attractive to cats. All plants should be removed until that her cat is trained to use the litter box.

• If you catch the cat urinating outside the box, select your pet and interjected in the field.

• How long take?

We have already mentioned that it is quite easy to train a cat with the use of this product. However, if your training is more than one month and there is no positive results, you may consult your vet to make sure there are no problems and the reasons for the cat to reject box. If there are no problems, consider consulting a professional animal trainer.

What should I do if my cat refuses to use the litter box?

If your cat doesn’t ‘ t want to use the litter box cats and you don ‘ t want consult a professional animal trainer, there are some options that you can try for yourself. The first thing you can try is changing the litter because your cat just may prefer another type of garbage. If this is the problem, changing the litter can help.

Another thing to try is changing the location of this cat bath. The cat could not as the place where the problem can be solved if only moves the box of the sand cat.

Some people believe that with success can train your cat to use this solution if you keep the pet is limited. In this way you will be able to manage cat ‘s visits to the bathroom. A week or two should be enough period of confinement.

Accidents during training

There is a possibility of accidents while you can train your cat pet litter box. Cat owners also know all, urine smell really strong cats but should never attempt to remove the smell of this using household cleaning products. Cat capable of smell smell so can/you … No, your pet will continue to use the same place because of the smell. You must use special detergent will remove smell advanced.

Different types of litter boxes

When you use it for your cat, you might consider the type of train product. You can choose between open or domed garbage cans, or you may receive automatically cleans waste garbage cat box.

If you use the open carriage, you will need to see and smell the Domed content that comes with a filter that is very useful for the Elimination of strong smell unattractive. Another benefit of litter boxes, domed you won not see garbage.

Some cats have no special preferences about the type and location of their boxes of cat litter, but others enjoy the privacy and we will be glad to use domed.

If you prefer a cat litter box automatic waste your journalism, you should keep in mind that it is expensive. In addition, some can cats ‘t stand the sound of the engine and mechanisms. These boxes litter have a sensor that enables them to clean themselves after the cat used the framework.

Changes in litter

When your cat is trained to use litter box, you may want to change the litter for a few reasons. It is recommended to do it gradually so that to avoid the need to train the cat all over again.

You can by adding small amounts of new litter and start mixing with the old. Then gradually increase the new litter and reduce the old one until it is filled with the new ball.

Many people believe that it is very difficult to train a cat to use a litter box, however this is not so. In some cases it may be more patience and time required, but generally this is a quick and easy process that doesn ‘ t involve lots of efforts

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