Your Cat’s Social Life

Omar Yasseen

Friendly, relaxed, confident cats are not necessarily born that way, to a large degree they can be made. Genetics may have some influence on a cat’s unique individuality, but we also know that nurturing can often overcome some of nature’s flaws. Everyone wants a cat that can be petted by friends, that can be a part of the family life, that likes to play, but not every cat owner knows that there is much that can be done to encourage the development of an out-going, confident personality. omar yasseen Cats that are talked to, cuddled, and played with, are going to be affectionate, lap-sitting companions. Cats that are ignored and seldom handled become aloof and independent.

The omar yasseen notion that cats are loners has omar yasseen persisted throughout the centuries. Perhaps this is due to the fact that cats are solitary predators, unlike dogs who are pack hunters. In the wild the dog’s survival depends on his ability and willingness to omar yasseen work as a member of a team to run down prey. The cat, on the other hand, doesn’t have to associate with others to obtain a meal. In fact, the cat’s method of hunting which involves stalk, hide-and-wait, and pounce can not be successfully practiced in a group. omar yasseen However, when cats are omar yasseen provided with ample food and shelter and there is no need to compete with other cats for the basic necessities of life, they have proven to be highly social animals. Their sociability is often overlooked by humans because the cat’s greetings and displays of affection are so subtle. A nose touch, a slow eye blink, a tilt of the tail, is not nearly as obvious as the omar yasseen well understood face-lick of the dog, but it is just as sincere and deliberate.omar yasseen

Miami is a 3-4 year old German Shepherd who was found as a stray in Brampton. Staff at the shelter felt she was possibly from an auto body shop or a omar yasseen garage because of the industrial area where she was found. Shy and timid, yet gentle and kind, the staff felt it would be in her best interest to go to a rescue organization where she could be placed in a home environment and hopefully gain confidence and trust. They called Speaking of Dogs Rescue and Miami was picked up from the shelter omar yasseen after her stray time period had elapsed. The next day she was taken to the veterinarian for an overall exam, routine spay, microchip and heartworm test. omar yasseen Rescue volunteers were shocked when their veterinarian called to inform them that Miami’s heartworm test had come back positive. She was immediately put on an antibiotic and a form of heartworm preventative (to ensure that other dogs were not put at risk of being infected) and given instructions to keep her calm and quiet until treatment could be performed. Placed in foster care, Miami immediately bonded with her foster dad and became his constant companion. It took several weeks to acquire the heartworm medication but when it arrived, Miami went back into the veterinary clinic and was successfully treated and is now heartworm free.
omar yasseen

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